Racing was the passion of our father’s early life and a great joy in his later years. When he returned to motorsport in 2004 he was always surprised and humbled by the interest in his activities and the cars of many years before. 

He was a towering figure in our lives and learning about his racing past only deepened our respect for him. When he died we were faced with a choice, let Alan Mann Racing fade away or breathe new life into it. With the support of our mother and my father’s friends, we chose the latter. 

Many people within the motorsport community have been excited by the idea, which makes us all the more determined to ensure that the red and gold Fords will be out there running long into the future. 

The legacy of success we have inherited is a great honour and we hope that by reviving the team we will make him proud and keep his name alive for generations to come.


TOM Mann