Full race preparation and track support services are available.

Alan Mann Racing built, prepared and ran cars for Ford’s racing programme in Europe in the ‘60s , looking after such championship-winning cars as the GT40, Daytona Cobra, Escort and Lotus Cortina.

That race winning mentality through innovation and attention to detail continues today. What better way to go racing than with a team that was winning in the 60s and more recently has been winning at historic events since 2004?

Lessons learnt from developing and winning on the track can be translated to the road. Classic road cars whether a Ford Cortina or GT40 can be re-engineered to be more relevant to today’s road conditions. At AMR we can upgrade your road car to run faster, safer and with upgraded suspension and brakes make it perform like car a made today. See Our Car Sales

Alternatively we can restore your car to exact period specifications, so that it is a perfect representation of the car that came off the assembly line.

We all share a passion for special cars. Special to our customers and ourselves, and you are welcome to visit us and the engineers, at any time.

Your race or road car can be collected from anywhere in the world. Any special design changes are also assessed and included in a comprehensive report, which explains our inspection and recommendations, before we start work.

Once here, to maintain the integrity of the restoration we use only original, specially sourced parts or our skilled fabricators build replacements to the original specification.

Our workshop in Surrey is fully equipped to prepare your racecar to the highest standard and we offer track support to all European races with a period touch. 





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