Genuine 1964 AMR Tour de France Mustang

This a unique opportunity to own a piece of Ford Motor Company history, a piece of UK/Alan Mann Racing history and own the last remaining Tour de France AMR Mustang from 1964:

Reg. No DPK 5B. Vin No. 5F07K208109

The brainchild of senior Ford executive Lee Iaccoca, the Ford Mustang quickly became the fastest selling car of all time on its release in 1964. Alan Mann Racing was sent a preproduction chassis in February 1964 for testing and evaluation before homologation. The car was tested secretly at Goodwood and a detailed report was sent back to Dearborn. Ford had decided to enter the Mustang in some European endurance rallies, including the Tour de France and Marathon de la Route. Alan Mann Racing prepared and entered the cars, and won the Tour de France, providing the new Mustang with its first competition success worldwide. AMR also prepared a Mustang for Roy Pierpoint which won the 1965 British Saloon Car Championship.

DPK 5B was built in Dearborn in 1964, and delivered to Holman & Moody before being exported to Alan Mann Racing. In the Tour de France, it was driven by Bo Ljungfeld as car number 82.

Later in the sixties the car was sold to F. English of Bournemouth, a Ford Main dealer, who entered the car for Mike Salmon to race. The car was sprayed dark blue.

Then the car was sold to well-known race driver, Rob Slotemaker who changed the colour to white/red.

The remaining history is known and the car remained in France until it’s present owner returned DPK 5B to Alan Mann Racing for a full restoration to the original TdF specification.

The car has been inspected by Alan Mann Racing and even the original engineer who built the car in 1964 has confirmed that he recognises the fabrication work and his own welding signature!

DPK 5B has been completely stripped down to it’s bare metal shell, when it’s history was confirmed by the various colours under the latest paint, including the blue from when Mike Salmon raced the car!

Following a respray with the original Ford Poppy red, the car is now being restored by AMR.